If you put me on your payroll for 15 years, I will return all of the money you paid me, plus a profit. Should you die while I’m employed, I’ll pay your family the full value of your business- all cash- income tax-free.
I can provide great incentives to retain a key employee, and increase your retirement income with tax-free dollars. I can resolve any buy/sell partnership issues or protect a family business when a new generation takes over. And most importantly, I can also secure the full value of the business if you retire or sell.
How can I do all this? I create properly designed life Insurance coverage that actually does all the work. And I can do it without any additional out-of-pocket expenses.
Most business owners do not know how to take full advantage of the Living Benefits of Life Insurance. I can show you how to make them your most valuable business asset.
Find out what your company can gain. Text Tell Me More to my mobile phone, 516 978-5753 or email: TomCesiroJr@outlook.com