Worry Less. Protect the Profits and Prosperity of Your Business

As a business owner you need the smartest insurance protection for all the risks you face that begin even before you open your doors. You need to safeguard your assets, and most importantly, the full value of the business itself.

Since no two businesses are exactly alike, the right combination of coverage and services is unique for every business. To come up with a plan that keeps you protected and informed, you need to ask questions, and take action.

  • Take the time talk to a trusted insurance professional. You’ll want an agent that takes a knowledgeable, consultative approach. Someone that is truly interested in your success, is well connected and will be proactive in addressing your evolving insurance needs. An experienced independent agent can combine key business policies for stronger coverage at discounted rates.
  • Assess your risks. What kind and how much insurance you really need? You’ll want to know if it is competitively priced, and have a risk management analysis. Make sure you understand your coverage options, and deductible choices. Are you legally required to purchase any kind of coverage? Are there personal property and liability limits to protect your assets?
  • Ask about the insurance company. Are they a leader in your field? How strong are their financials? Do they handle claims swiftly and fairly? Do they have a great service reputation? Plans and features at different companies may have the same name but different coverage. You’ll want access to A-rated carriers that offer comprehensive packages.
  • Find out how insurance can help your employees make you more profitable. Are your employee benefits cost effective? How can life insurance be used to attract and retain key employees without costing the company more?
  • Discover how to build and protect wealth with whole life insurance. Cash Value insurance can protect the full value of a business when it is sold, if you lose a partner, or should part ownership be inherited by a family member.

At the Cesiro Insurance Agency,Thomas Cesiro Jr, and Thomas Cesiro III we’re proud of the service, dedication, and community leadership our agency has provided for over 70 years. We would be pleased to discuss your business needs and goals personally and confidentially, without obligation.

We offer a full range of coverage policies that provide industry-specific protection to help you worry less and be more profitable.

Property coverage to protect your business’s building, property, inventory or income.

Liability policies to cover risks ranging from customer injuries to wrongful termination.

Crime Protection from money and securities theft.

Commercial Auto Insurance for vehicles you own or lease for business use.

Workers’ Compensation is required by law to protect the company and  employees that sustain job-related injury or illness.

Umbrella Policies for added liability coverage.

Product liability Insurance,Home-Based Business Insurance, and Business Interruption Insurance and Cyber Insurance are available To protect against unique industry risks.

Business Life Insurance that can help attract and retain employees, build and protect wealth, and deliver the full value of you business if a partner leaves or if you want to retire or sell.

Loss Control Services that help you increase on-the-job safety and efficiency.