Many of our clients are concerned and anxious about an economy slowdown and loss of income. They want to know if anything could be done about the monthly insurance premiums. Our answer, “You may be in a very strong position with your whole life insurance portfolio.”

Usually, your monthly insurance payment is going from your checking account to your cash value account.  Literally, you are taking money from pocket and putting it into another.

You can decide to continue to make payments, which will increase your cash value account. Or perhaps you may want to skip a few payments, or take out some cash—income tax-free, no questions asked. The protection benefits of the life insurance policy remain in effect.

Bottom line: your life insurance portfolio is secure, safe, and flexible, and by the way, not subjected to the frightening “Wall Street roller coaster”.

Please contact us personally, Tom Cesiro Jr at 516-978-5753 or Tom Cesiro III at 516-860-4457. Get the answers you need about your life insurance benefit options. We would be happy to review any policy you own, even if you did not purchase it from us. Of course there is no cost nor obligation.

We’re proud of our dedication throughout the years, providing sound life insurance advice so customers can feel secure and at peace, with a strong financial foundation for themselves and their loved ones.

Cesiro Insurance Agency.

Thomas Cesiro Jr
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